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Written by Henrik R-S   
Monday, 09 June 2008

First place in Volvo Suursaari Race in class ORC 3 and the winner with the greatest margin! Tarantell took her third victory in a row in the 155 nm race round Russian island Suursaari. The competition was tough this time with 18 boats in our class. Now the roles were changed, as we were the fourth smallest boat in our class. The sailing conditions were good, and we did not experience the traditional calms behind Suursaari.

Resullts here.

Wind trace and pictures in our gallery .

We took a rather good spinnaker start in the 5 - 6 m/s westernly wind and placed us immediately after Tom Finell's FinnFUN. At Hramtsow we rounded together with Xilia and Ilmarinen, just a few minutes after FinnFUN, who was in the lead at this point. On the spinnaker run to Kalbådagrund we did not get the same speed as Xilia and FinnFUN, and rounded about 14 min after them, which according to our handicap means we are about equal in corrected time. The wind had already shifted to NE, and we changed to Genua 2.

On the way to Kotkan Portti the wind was expected to shift to east and increase up to 12 m/s. Our strategy was therefore to take the port tack towards east as fast as possible. We could follow FinnFUN and Xilia, and saw them tack up to north too early. We estimated our tack correctly, and after a while we got the wind shift so that we almost reached straight away to the mark. See our thrack in our gallery. As our courses crossed, Xilia was just a few cables ahead and FinnFUN had to yield for starboard. We changed to Genua3, and as we rounded Kotkan Portti at 06:47, we were equal with Xilia as the first boats in the whole race. 

Our beating speed in the tough weather towards the north end of Suursaari was excellent, real "Tarantlla weather", and we succeeded in increasing our lead further. Not until now the first  ORC1 boats passed us withTwo Fast, a Swan 45 as the first one. After them came Alfa Romeo.

Suursaari was  rounded in a good reach and run in record time. FinnFUN and Xilia approached us on the reach due to their longer water lines, but we were still in a one minute's lead as we rounded Kotkan Portti on the way back.

The rest of the race was sailed in a nice spinnaker run, where we topped max. speeds of 10,5 knots. According to FinnFUN, they succeeded in getting max. speeds of over 13 knots. As we rounded Kalbådagrund we had lost 14 min to Xilia and 12 min to FinnFUN, again this is very close to the differfences in our scratch sheets. At these winds their handicap to us is about 25 s/nm.

After Kalbådagrund the wind shifted further to the suoth, and decreased. At Hramtsow we were 21 min after Xilia and 20 min after FinnFUN. In corrected time we had a very safe looking lead, but the last leg to the finishing line in a weakening wind can make any surprises possible. But we were lucky, and crossed the line 25 min after FinnFUN, who succeeded in bypassing Xilia, and took the second place. Xilia finished third.

Our margin to FinnFUN was 46 minutes in sailed time. 

This was a fine race, and we were especially happy  that we had a long beating leg in strong winds. We really enjoy this type of weather. It was surprising to note, that alltogether 35 boats did not not finish the race. Most of these boats were in the LYS classes.

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