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First place in HenriLloyd Race on 6.9, 4th on Sunday PDF Print E-mail
Written by Leif R-S   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Merinna chasing us at Husunkivi
Tarantella took first place in HenriLloyd coastal race of 26,4 nm. Second was X2 and third Astraia. 14 boats participated in ORC3. The wind was rather weak, 6 - 12 knots, but nevertheless we succeeded in making good speed on the beating leg from Jänissaari to the east mark south of Gråskärsbådan. Our tactics was also correct, it was beneficial to go as far south as possible.

Results . Pictures, track and wind trace in our gallery, also including track from Sundays Saaristopurjehdus.

We were the 4:th smallest boat in the fleet. We got a good start close to the starting vessel. The spinnker came up immediately, which was not the case for most of our competitors. There were several twisted spinnakers.

At Husunkivi the order was: 1. Xilia, 2. Astraia, 3. FinnFUN, 4. Ilmarinen, 5. Alexia and 6. Tarantella. We were here 1 minute behind Xilia. The course continued with a tight spinnaker reach to Vallisaari, where FinnFUN and we took the shortest route north of a small rock. This gave us clear benefit on the way to Jänissaari. First at Jänissaari was Xilia, followed by FinnFUN and Astraia. We rounded as  6:th  2 min 45 sec. after Xilia. Based on the scratch sheet, we were in a very slight lead at this point. From here started the most challenging part of the race, a 10 mile beating leg to the east mark south of Gråskärsbådan in 8 - 10 knot´s wind and rather heavy sea. Our strategy was to continue far south as a wind shift to south was expected  (see our track in our Gallery). As we finally tacked the wind was very favourable for a short while, and our heading was straight to the mark, but the wind turned back soon and we had to make one more tack to the south . But, nevertheless, we had done a good go compared to all others that tacked earlier. X2 had gone still further, and thus they succeededs in rounding the mark as first in our class. Next was Xilia, then Astraia, FinnFUN and Alexia. We were next  about 8 min. after X2.

On the spinnaker reach to the finishing line we succeeded in making almost the same speed as the leading boats, and finished about 8,5 minutes after Xilia.

We have now bypassed FinnFUN in the ProSailor Offshore ranking and are second less than one point behind Xilia, who is the leader. The Grande Finale is in Syysseilaus on 14.9.

In Saaristopurjehdus LYS on Sunday we took a fourth place in extremely light and tricky winds among 14 boats in class LYS 1. The winner was Valpuri followed by Ebnegea and Marietta. The result is acceptable considering that Tarantella is a hard wind boat and our LYS number of 1,17 does not at all reflect our performance in so light winds. The two Inferno 31 boats Valpuri and Marietta would have to be faster than Tarantella in 6 knots of wind according to the ORC-rule.

Our dear competitor FinnFUN finished as number 8. She was leading heavily at half way, but was struck in a calm just before the finishing line, where she had to wait for all smaller boats.

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