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Written by Henrik R-S   
Friday, 13 January 2006


Tarantella II is a Swan 37 designed by Sparkman&Stephens (design 2035) in the late 60's and built by Nautor, Pietarsaari, Finland in 1970. She was basically an IOR-design, with all the pro's and con's of a rule-built boat. However, we have noticed that as the IMS-system has over time evolved to its present state, we are now (again) highly competitive. Below is a short version of our IMS-specs and the complete rating-certificate for 2005 can be found here.

We have made comparisons to some of our competitors, IMS characteristics kan be found here. Also an ORC Club comparison, for boats participating in class ORC Club 2 in Helsinki-Tallinna Race 2005 can be viewed here.

All Finnish certificates for 2005 may be viewed here or at

 Time-on-distanceTime-on-timePerformance line
Offshore691,2 (=GPH)0,8681 (=600/GPH)0,68971,0
Inshore775,6 (=ILC)0,8703 (=675/ILC)0,908305,5
 Time-on-distanceTime-on-timePerformance line
Offshore688,0 (=GPH)0,8721 (=600/GPH)0,69471,9
Inshore771,8 (=ILC)0,8746 (=675/ILC)0,905299,6
 Time-on-distanceTime-on-timePerformance line
Offshore692,5 (=GPH)0,8664 (=600/GPH)0,69475,8
Inshore778,3 (=ILC)0,8673 (=675/ILC)0,919316,3
 Time-on-distanceTime-on-timePerformance line
Offshore691,7 (=GPH)0,8674 (=600/GPH)0,67967,5
Inshore778,3 (=ILC)0,8673 (=675/ILC)0,784228,1
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