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Written by Henrik R-S   
Wednesday, 18 January 2006

News from 2003...

News from 2003

27.11. The IMS-Globen price for NJK's best IMS-boat to Tarantella for the 6:th time and second year in a row.

19.11. Tarantella nr 1 for the fourth consecutive year in the Classic Ranking!

13.11. NJKs annual meeting, including price-giving ceremonies is held at Björkholmen thursday 27th from 18:00 onwards.

13.11. Avomeripurjehtijat ry has its annual meeting wednesday the 19th of november at NJK Björkholmen from 18:30 onwards.

October: Season ends in somewhat wet conditions with the raising of the roof over the Lady. The Skipper wishes to thank the crew: Heinz, Michael and Henrik Ramm-Schmidt Marcus Moltubak, Christian "Bimbo" Öller, Juhana Salminen, Thomas Riska, Stenka Stenius, Jussi Kukkula, Wilhelm Norrman, Mikko Brummer, Teemu Rantalaiho, Thomas Hackman, Kaj Luotonen, Lotta Andersson and Kirsi Dybdal + all our sponsors for a wonder- and successful season!

27.9. Tarantella wins the Sokeri Pohjalla race in Kantvik for the third consecutive year and as always with a variety of guest stars onboard. First place was a very tight match amongst the one competitor... Winds were good, resulting in a record time of 3 h 6 mins around the course. Unfortunately we broke our new G2 "Liukas Leena" in a tack, but managed to continue with the G3. Pinturas!

24.9. The season is coming to its end, with only KVPs Sokeri Pohjalla in Kantvik next weekend left to be won...

13.9. Testing the new Swan 45!

8.9. IMS-ranking 2003 is now finished, with Tarantella securing second place in IMS-3. FiftyFun completely unbeatable, eventhough the last races weren't a success for them.
  We have won the last 4 IMS-races in our calendar and can thus be very satisfied with the season. So now it is time to concentrate on the financing of a Tarantella III, the new Swan 45!

7.9. Saaristopurjehdus a virtual disaster due to veryvery light winds. 7th place.

6.9. Tarantella ones again victorious! First place in Henry Lloyd Race + 2nd over-all!

6.9. If you haven't yet read the book "Historien om Swanen Tarantella", you'll be glad to find it under "History" -> "Past".

3.9. Older results added! Check "The Races"

1.9. Some pictures + results from S&S Race

30.8. Senior Skipper Heinz still wins the races!
    With Heinz at the helm, Tarantella secures ones again Victory in the Finnish Sparkman & Stephens Association's S&S Race in Helsinki, with the chairman Freddy Ekströms former yacht, nowadays the Blomster-brothers Mermaid in close at second place. This non-spinnaker LYS-race will be presented in pictures shortly.

23.8. Victory in Veritas Pentala Race! By a huge margin of 26 seconds to the Antilla 36 "Minnamari"!

17.8. Helsinki-Tallinna Race... 17 h 48 min, no comments. Pictures unfortunately deleted, but you can see similar pictures at KoPus site.

9.8. Winners in the Finnish IMS-Championships 2003 are:
     IMS-1 Tetu IV
     IMS-2 X-Zibit
     IMS-3 Fifty Fun
Tarantella did not participate, but was sailing nicely around the Baltic at a leisurely pace!

19.7. Tarantella in Taloussanomat

17.7. The Skipper and Crew is now presented in short

15.7. Photos from Hangö-Sandhamn and Round Gotland Race 2003

14.7. Tarantella is spending her holiday and will be back for the Helsinki-Tallinna Race 15.-16.8.

8.7. Fifty Fun leads the IMS 3 ranking, with Tarantella in second place.

6.7. Tarantella in Hufvudstadsbladet SportMåndag

4.7. Pictures from SAR-show in Sandhamn

2.7. IMS 3 class victory and fastest IMS-boat at Hoburgen in Accenture Round Gotland Race!

29.6. Tarantella Over-all winner in Hangö Sandhamn!

23.6. Delicacies onboard Tarantella during Hangö-Sandhamn and Gotland Runt

22.6. Accenture Gotland Runt is soon! It seems to be that the IMS-3 class might be rather small. And check the best weather sites from Mr Gahmberg. Also soon coming is the menu for the race.

16.6. Ranking presented by Tom Finell at

11.6. Photoalbums updated. Please inform This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have problems viewing them

11.6. Check out comparison of elapsed times around Suursaari for IMS 1-3, and comparison of rank at Kotkan portti meno compared to elapsed time around the island for IMS-3.

6.-8.6. A bitter third place in Espoo-Suursaari Race... after very nice sailing in tough conditions and with three repeat starts, one just 4 cables from the finish-line

11.6. Third place in WB-Sails Round the Buoys

24.5. Tarantella 2nd in Suunto 2003, in very foggy conditions, due to our first navigational mistake throughout history!

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