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The Skipper and Senior Skipper of Swan 37 Tarantella II


Leif Ramm-Schmidt
Managing Director Ramm-Schmidt Consulting Ltd Oy

Former Chairman of Avomeripurjehtijat ry (The Finnish Offshore Association)

Captain / chef / navigation / preparations / helmsman
strategy / tactics / fore-deck / spinnaker = all-round
photography, video, result calculations, logbook

Longest experience of racing Swan-yachts - from the very beginning, since July 1967

Onboard Heinz' Viking-boat
"Fröja" in 1955

Leif navigating, with
brother Christian at the helm

Senior Skipper Heinz Ramm-Schmidt

Here seen at the helm of the boat he bougth in 1969

As the owner of the very first Swan to sail, Swan 36
Tarantella I (see article in JT) and the first sailing
Swan 37 Tarantella II, Heinz has conquered all that can
be conquered on the Baltic Offshore-arena.
The complete story is described in his book (In Swedish).

In addition to being the PR-manager,
Heinz is our helmsman-of-choice in the S&S Race

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