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Written by Leif R-S   
Thursday, 24 August 2006
Tricky winds in Helsinki Tallinna Race were not favourable to Tarantella. We finished as 6:th among 17 boats in ORC Club-class 2.

The race is the biggest Offshore Regatta in Finland with close to 190 boats participating in the various classes.

We took an excellent start in the weak south westernly wind, and progressed well bypassing several bigger boats. We were the third smallest boat in our class. The wind strenghtened and turned slightly towards west, which ment that we had a reach to Helsinki light house. FiftyFun, who was left far behind, tried their new reaching spinnaker, while we were using the genua. But the distance to them increased further. At Helsinki light house we could barely detect them by binoculars. Also Minnamari, who should be faster than we in this wind, was left far behind. Only a few bigger boats in our class were ahead of us. Among these were Sydney and Zarah May. Everything went fine until Tallinna Madal and Nygrund, but at Aegna light buoy the wind calmed out. There were only three or four boats in our class ahead of us, among these Sydney and Zarah May who succeeded in disappearig towards the finishing line, even though the distance to them was not big. Inbetween was a belt of no wind at all.

After about two hours of beating in the non-existing wind at a speed of less than one knot, we realized that there was a nothern current of 0,8 knots. At total calm we were moving with the same speed towards the starting line. Fortunately we were at shallow water, and throwed the anchor for a while. Soon we noticed Minnamari jumping out of the fog close to us. And suddenly also FiftyFun was there together with all the other boats.

Minnamari found her way slowly towards Naissaar, and got a week private breeze bringing her over the finishing line 45 minutes ahead of us.

But Sydney and Zarah May had been there already 3,5 hours earlier.

We used 8 hours for the last 8 miles. FiftyFun finished soon after us, and won us in corrected time. Also Puppis, who finished 20 minutes after us did beat us in the final results.

We did a good job and we are satisfied with the new main and genua, which certainly have increased our speed in weak winds. Again, it looked like we did not have the gods of the winds with us.

See the results here. No pictures this time, sorry.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 August 2006 )
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