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Written by Leif R-S   
Monday, 25 September 2006
A bitter second place for Tartantella (again) with a small margin to Tom Finell's FiftyFun. The race was very enjoyable for us as the wind finally was on the stronger side. The stongest gusts werre up to 16 m/s.There were seven participants in our class. Results here and pictures+track in our Gallery. The course of 30,3 miles went first from Lauttasaari out to Helsinki Lighthouse and then further to Jänissaari outside Santahamina, and from there back to the finish at Lauttasaari. The wind was from northwest at a force of 10 – 14 m/s.

The question was whether the spinnaker should be raised or not. In classes IMS 1 and 2 some boats sailed with the genua only, and those who raised the spinnaker seemed to have broaching problems. We decided to put our storm spinnaker as we normally can carry it when others cannot. In our class also FiftyFun raised their spinnaker.

We got a lousy start shortly behind FiftyFun. Thanks to the spinnaker we succeeded in bypassing all our competitors except Eläköön. Also FiftyFun sailed strongly but soon they had to drop their spinnaker, and started to fall behind. We were the only boat that carried the spinnaker almost all the way to Helsinki Lighthouse. But finally we decided to to drop it, as the wind strengthened further. We logged max. speeds of about 10 knots. Up came Genua 1.

Shortly before the rounding we changed Genua 1 to our new Genua 3. In the manoeuvre Minnamari succeeded in bypassing us, also Merinna came close. But in the rounding we got the inner place and were soon ahead again. On the tight reach our speed was excellent, and our competitors started to disappear behind us.

Before Jänissaari we bypassed Eläköön, and rounded about 30 seconds before them. FiftyFun was too far behind to be detected, so we did not know when they rounded.

From Jänissaari there was a short beating of 6 miles to the finishing line. The wind strengthened further and was extremely variable and gusty. We took one reef in the main, and got good speed and height. We bypassed several class 2 boats and all X-99 boats.

FiftyFun bypassed Minnamari, who seemed to have lost a lot on the last leg.

We got the line honours and finished 17 minutes before FiftyFun, but this was not enough. They took the first place with a margin of 1,5 minutes. Merinna was third with a loss of 14 minutes to us.

In sailed time there were only two class 2 boats that were faster than we.

FiftyFun was fastest overall, and we were second. Our congratulations to FiftyFun for beating us in real “Tarantella weather?.
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