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4. place in Baltic Offshore Week

X2 having starboard (Foto Ari Peltomäki)
The first Baltic Offshore Week regatta was sailed on 23-26.7.2008 in Tallinn, Estonia. The race was a joint offshore championship for Finland and Estonia.

Tarantella finished this time as fourth in the race. We succeeded again in winning the long offshore race, thanks to the rather good winds, but in the windward/leeward races with variable 6 - 8 knots winds we did not succeed in making good speed enough.

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Victory in Suursaari Race

First place in Volvo Suursaari Race in class ORC 3 and the winner with the greatest margin! Tarantell took her third victory in a row in the 155 nm race round Russian island Suursaari. The competition was tough this time with 18 boats in our class. Now the roles were changed, as we were the fourth smallest boat in our class. The sailing conditions were good, and we did not experience the traditional calms behind Suursaari.

Resullts here.

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Light winds in WB-Race

We were not very successful in the WB-Race on 1.6.2008, and finished fourth among 13 boats in class ORC3. The race consisted of three short windward/leeward races.

Astraia was the winner, with FinnFUN, Tom Finell's new boat , a Fingulf 33 as second. Last year's winner in class IMS2 Xilia finished third. Full results here . Pictures in our gallery

The season is starting

Tarantella launched
Tarantella was launched on 18.5 and now we are preparering for our first race this year. Tarantella has got two new sails from WB, a new "4-D" Genua No1 and a new floater. These should improve our competitiveness in light winds. In other respecs the boat is as before. Our sponsor contract with Ålandsbanken continues for another two year's period.

With great interest we have followed Tom Finell's project on his new boat FinnFUN, a brand new Fingulf 33.  She has a GPH of  34 sec/nm faster than Tarantella, so in this respect the roles are now opposite compared to last years. ORC class 3 has grown through a drop of the GPH-limit to 650,1. Tarantella belongs now to the smaller boats in the class with a GPH of 686,6.

The first race is WB Sails Round the Buoys on 1.6. There are alltogether 13 boats in our class, something we have not experienced before. Besides FinnFUN we have also Xilia in our class, the ranking winner of class IMS 2 from last year. The competition is going to be very tough.

Season is Finished
Tarantella out of the water
Tarantella's succesfull season is now finished. We managed to win every single race, including the renowned Suursaari Race, the Finnish Offshore Championships and also the IMS Ranking for class IMS3. We thank all our sponsors and supporters and wish you all a good end for this year and a nice start on the following.

Tarantella will be back on the courses in 2008.
Victory in Syysseilaus too

Tarantella took first place in IMS 3 in Syysseilaus on 16.9. This completes our unbelievably succesful season with 7 wins in a row. This also confirms our victory in the Vestek IMS Ranking as well.

The Syysseilaus Race consisted of a windward /leeward race and an archipelago race.

Victory in HenriLloyd Race 8.9.2007

First place in Henri Lloyd Race! And first over all (again!!) Tarantella succeeded in winning the 6:th race in a row this year. Jyrki Santaholma's Merinna finished second and Tom Finell's FortinaFun third in class IMS3. The wind was rather weak, and shifted back and forth. At the start the direction was from east, but turned gradually to south. The course went from Lauttasaari to the east past Santahamina, and east of Isosari to Helsinki Lighthouse, and back to Lauttasaari. The distance was 30,3 nm.

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HenriLloyd Race 8.9.2007

The second last ranking race is HenriLloyd Race of about 36 nm. Our position in the Vestek IMS Ranking is good, as we have won four ranking races so far. FortinaFun with Tom Finell still has a chance to stay in the lead in the ranking if he wins us with at least two positions.

10 boats in IMS 3 have signed up. 

The last ranking race Syysseilaus takes part on 16.9.2007. 

Yes, our success continues! First place in Veritas Pentala Race 25.8.2007

First place (again) for Tartantella in the fifth race this year. And best over all! FortinaFun finished second with less than two minutes lost to Tarantella and little Sabrina, an Avance 24 third. The south-westernly wind increased during the race gradually, and for the second beating south of Kytö, we changed to our G3, which was the perfect sail for the 9-11 m/s wind. At the last running leg the wind got still stronger, and we decided to use our storm-spinnaker. Soon after finish the wind went up to 16 m/s even in the harbour.

After the first round FortinaFun was probably slightly in the lead in corrected time, but the second beating was the decisive one.

Our first time crew members Elmar Mertens, Jesper Fogelholm and Kim Lindroos made a good job! And our second timer Ari Ansaranta as well! All our "standard crew" was celebrating Polter Abend for HenrikRS, who is getting married next week.

 Results here

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Veritas Pentala Race 25.8

Our next race, which is the fourth race for Tarantella in Vestek IMS ranking is Veritas Pentala Race. The course goes two times around Kytö, and is very close to "Circular random". Distance about 22 nm.

Weak winds are so far promised. Six boats in IMS 3 have signed up, among them certainly FortinaFun, but also an Avance 24, with GPH 815,9!

Success for Tarantella also in the Helsinki Tallinna Race

First place for Tarantella in Class ORC Club 2 and over all victory in ORC Club-classes! Fortina Fun took the second place, and Minnamari the third.

We hoped for a strong south westernly wind, and we got it! Real "Tarantella weather".

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