First place in Volvo Suursaari Race 5-7.6
Written by Leif R-S   
Monday, 15 June 2009

Tarantella took a first place in the Volvo Suursaari Race on 5-7.6. We were the most overwhelming winner in ORC-classes. We got the line honours in class 3 being the fourth smallest in GPH among 17 boats.

This was our fourth victory in a row, and the sixth in 8 years. 

We were leading from the very beginning, but with only a 3 minute's margin at Kotkan Portti return. During the leg from here to Kalbådagrund, the differerences grew big. We made a tack towards the Finnish border line, and succeeded in approaching Kalbådagrund with only 100 m on the starbord side. Competitors, that did not tack, passed Kalbådagrund miles away. See photo of our track in our gallery . More photos coming later.

Glide-X, an X-332 by Ari Hirvensalo took second place and Valpuri,Timo Vesalainen, 3:rd place. Our hardest competitor for many years, Tom Finell with his new Fingulf 33 FinnFun finished 15:th.

The start was unique this time. The arrangers gave the starting signal one minute too early, at 21:09. Everything was done correctly as such, but the only one who was alert was Tom Finell, who sailed away one minute ahead of all others. This I valuate high! We took an excellent start exactly at 21:10, but one minute late.

The race was also unique in the sense, that Suursaari was not rounded because of denied permission from the Russian border guard. Instead we rounded a mark "Patricia" outside to city of Kotka.

Results here.

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