Kantvik, May 2005
Preparations for the season

The tarpaulin is coming off... ...gets folded... ...and is rolled up!
And the roof is packed and stored View from the deck One of the places where the
filler has come loose (again).
Actually, it does it every year...
But before we start sanding,
we take safety first! Filler and
antifouling paint dust + noise is
not helping performance during
the coming season.
Sanding the keel and remowing
loose filler is time consuming.
Sanding done
Applying new filler
(to be remowed next spring...)
Keel under progress Filled and sanded

Applying a couple of
layers of primer...

...and with two rounds of Hempel's Mille Extra, the keels is done and ready for racing!
Smoother than ever!
Next comes the waxing.
We do one round with Hempel's
Custom polish...
...and finish with the High Gloss teflon-wax. We use a waxing
machine to get a smoother and
glossier finish.
Tarantella is ready for launch
The winches also need a bit of service.
Just remember to use approriate grease
on all moving parts, except the small
ratchet teeth (the pawls), that
do best with some McLube Sailkote
Sunday morning, 15th of May. We finely found our chief rigger were we left him in October... Definetely one of our most faithful crewmembers! Lift off from the cradle!
Jon and Wilhelm seem to know what we know... ... that the Lady still preserves her gracious lines! Touch down! And she is back in her own element.
She actually floats! This year we didn't
forget the logg-transducer as we did last
Careful preparation of the mast is essential. May 16 at 17:10, starting to rigg the boat
New protection for the spinnakerhalyard First we tried to lift the mast with the winch... ...but our winch-gorillas were a bit out of shape still...
...so our chief rigger decided to take the matter into his own hands... ...and voilá, the mast in place.
Rigging time: 1 h 10 min.
Rigging team this year
(from left)
Henrik, Wilhelm, Marcus and Thomas R