Volvo Espoo-Suursaari Race 2005

By Tarantella

Regattafeeling in Haukilahti The start is approaching FiftyFUN and Vanessa managed
to push us off the line and we had
to take one extra 360 to sail away
Juanita, Vanessa and FiftyFUN
right after start
Minnamari Minnamari
Catherine (LYS4) and Bojangles

in the setting Sun

Traditional sunsetpicture
A gloomy Suursaari, this time
again equiped with some wind!
Esteri (and foredecker Juhana) On the far side of Suursaari

Local spectators had arrived
in a seaworthy boat

Suursaari South The wind picked up on the way
back, so the go was accordingly
Riding the wave! Spinnakerrun of a unknown boat Ilmarinen behind our protestflag
(the flag was not meant for them)
Ilmarinen ones more A steady late lunch keeps you
going according to crewmember Jussi